The Golden Gate Du - Duathlon and 5 Mile Run/Walk


April 25, 2020 08:00 am


7301 San Pablo Dam Rd, El Sobrante, CA

The Golden Gate DU has been formally canceled (as most of you probably suspected).

We  will transfer anyone who would like, to the Du The Bears race in October and we will, as soon as they open up for new permits at the EBMUD, reschedule the Golden Gate Du.   We just don't know when at this time.  Let us know which of the two races you'd like to do.  We have all the awards and good to go, but we have to wait, sadly for the Golden Gate Du.  They, will take permits again next month.

Keep Training !!!

The Golden Gate Du and 5 Mile Run/Walk is our 2nd Duathlon Event of the year.  Please join us on April 25th, 2020, 8:00 AM, at the San Pablo Dam Reservoir - El Sobrante entrance.

The Golden Gate Duathlon is a Double Course Event, Short and Long and a 5 Mile Run/Walk.  Finisher Medals to EVERYONE.

Duathlon - Short Course - 2.35 Mile Run / 18.62 Mile Bike / 2.2 Mile Run
Duathlon - Long Course - 5 Mile Run / 18.62 Mile Bike / 2.2 Mile Run
Relays on Both Duathlon Courses 

5 Mile Run/Walk 

All at the beautiful San Pablo Dam Reservoir - El Sobrante

Print / Download the Registration Flyer        Golden Gate Short Course Transition

Race Information                                                Golden Gate Long Course Transition

Registrations to Date                                         Map the 5 Mile Route                                                   

                                                                               Map the Short Duathlon 1st Run Route

                                                                               Map the Long Duathlon 1st Run Route

                                                                               Map the Duathlon Bike Route

                                                                                Map the Duathlon 2nd Run Route